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The call for proper exercise that will complement a clean and healthy living is one of the most sought after activities that people of all ages would look for. Aerobics, something that mixes dancing and exercise is still the best way to help shed off an extra pound while at the same enjoying the time invested in it. Initially thought of as being solely for the female populace, a good number of men have taken up aerobics as well that is a good way to keep the body in shape and sweat it out as a group with gusto.

Aerobics is usually based on classes of large groups of people of both genders. Largely dominated by the women, this is a better way to lose some pounds for women. The minimal participation of men in this line of activity is only expected in a sense that wearing tights or aerobic outfits seem awkward for them. More so, the nature of exercise does not seem rigorous to them, something that most men live by when it comes to choosing the type of exercise suitable for them. As mentioned earlier, the reason why aerobics is considered as combining exercise and dancing is that with the presence of a leader in front called an instructor, steps are done in a particular pattern that goes along with the music that make people focus on the steps taught to them and as shown by the aerobics instructor.

This type of exercise has gathered quite a following and has been actually the cue for other developed forms of exercise such as Tae Bo and Belly Dancing. While they cater to a different form especially when it comes to the pattern and objective of joining such, the concept is evidently the same as that of aerobics. Such new forms are also gotten into by women, and one thing that ultimately encourages women to take up these forms of exercise is endorsements made by famous sports personalities such as Jane Fonda and Cindy Crawford, both exemplifying the proper care to their body and watching their figure, something that ideally most women want.

An exercise that thrives in burning fats through the oxygen in the muscles, proper pacing and anxiety that is stirred from the moderate to high levels of intensity boost up the adrenalin level and the entire metabolism of the body in the form of sweat, proof of the burned fats of the body. Another form of weight losing program, aerobics is no doubt to be one of the popular forms of weight loss and physical fitness programs that most people are familiar with. Outside the endorsements made for it, aerobics still remains a good form of staying fit and proper to this day, and will continue to do so, especially for the female population around the world today.

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